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Here are the new covers for KILLING SARAI and REVIVING IZABEL! I absolutely love them and they are much, much more fitting of the theme of the series than the originals were. I decided to go with the stark white theme so that the blood would pop on the images, because there will be a lot of it. Plus, there are so few stark white themes out there I thought it would help the covers stand out even more.

The print versions will look like this:



You will notice two different symbols at the top of the back covers. Keep these in mind for future reference! They mean something and all future books will have one, or I should say, each character will have one. ;-)

As I promised here, REVIVING IZABEL can be read as if it’s the final book – no cliffhangers! But to give you a small glimpse into the book after REVIVING IZABEL, I can tell you it will be about Niklas, Victor’s brother, and a brand new character will be introduced! :-)

Also, I do have to let you all know that Michelle and I tried really hard to get a male model who would be able to closely resemble Victor Faust so that he could be on the second cover, but we had no luck. I was really bummed out about that! But I did not want to use just any guy to represent Victor because then everyone’s perception of him would be inaccurate. And Victor has a very distinct look, which is hard to find in the male models available for shoots.


Lastly, if you want to enter to win both books signed (open Internationally) you can check out the cover reveal on Aestas Book Blog! She was kind enough help out with the reveal. :-)

In the Company of Killers – New Covers!


OK, after discussing this with some of my readers and the vast majority of you agreeing with me, I have decided that the current covers for KILLING SARAI and REVIVING IZABEL will be changed and a whole new theme for the series will be in order!

While although I absolutely love the way the covers turned out and think they are stunning, I just wasn’t feeling them as far as something to represent this particular series. In the Company of Killers is dark and gritty and there is a lot of death and weapons and it will just get darker in future books. The current covers were way too romantic and soft and did not represent the theme. And most of you agreed! But don’t get the wrong idea, there will definitely be more ‘sexy-time’ in future books than there was in KILLING SARAI, but even still, the current covers do not portray the series accurately.

My awesome cover artist and I are hard at work now on developing an entirely new theme for the series. That reminds me, I need to point out that the current covers not looking the way I want was in no way Michelle’s fault! She did exactly what I asked her to do, but I ultimately changed my mind and decided I wanted to take them in another direction. Michelle is a doll for putting up with me! :-)

Anyway, I will keep everyone updated on the progress of the new covers and *hopefully* I can snag a certain male model that I’ve been dying to have represent one of my male characters since last year! I would love to give you all a visual of Victor Faust and have him on one of the new covers too. So everyone send some good vibes my way and maybe all of us as a collective can get this model to do the shoot. Also, in case you’re wondering, yes, I do plan to still use model Nicole Whittaker to represent Sarai/Izabel, so hopefully she’ll be up for another shoot!

I want to thank you all for your comments and suggestions in helping me figure this out. It’s really important to me that my devoted readers have a say! So, thank you! To those of you who like the covers just the way they are, I apologize for changing them, but I hope you’ll understand that I really need to do what’s best for the series and represent it the way my heart tells me to. Hopefully you’ll love the new covers. Who knows, you might even like them more! :-)



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In the Company of Killers Series & The Anatomy of a Cliffhanger


As many of you already know, I released a new book on June 19th titled KILLING SARAI and so far the majority of reviews on Goodreads and Amazon are FANTASTIC! I was worried about publishing this one because it’s so very different from THE EDGE OF NEVER – darker and gritty, among other things. But thankfully KILLING SARAI has been well received by just about everyone who reads my books and I’m grateful!

I just wanted to talk briefly about In the Company of Killers to give everyone a heads-up about my intentions with this ‘project’. First of all, yes, it is a series. I have big plans for not only Sarai and Victor, but other characters (some you’ve met, some you haven’t) and it’s safe to say that there’s absolutely no way I can tell this story in just a couple of books. So yes, you can expect more than two.


I wanted everyone to know that I will not end any of the books in this series on ‘cliffhangers’. Now let me explain what I believe is the difference between a cliffhanger and a continuation. A cliffhanger is when Jill spends two hours of her life watching a movie about Danny, a guy who must find the key that opens the box which contains the answer to the mystery of the afterlife. Nearing the end of the movie, Jill is on the edge of her seat because Danny is so close, the box is right there and the key is in his hand. Jill and Danny will both soon know what happens to us after we die! OMG! Here it comes…the moment Jill has been waiting for. Then Danny turns the key and opens the box and while Jill is digging her Freddy Kruger fingernails into her poor boyfriend’s arm, the screen goes black and the credits start rolling.

What. The. Fuck?

That is a cliffhanger. I will not do that to you with my series In the Company of Killers. All of my books will have resolution at the end and some will end without you even feeling like there will be another book at all *coughrevivingizabelcough*, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be another book. It just means that you will be able to read *some* of them as if they are the last, and the others *coughkillingsaraicough* will just leave you with the knowledge that there will be another book.

A continuation is just that: the knowledge that there will be another book because it’s not realistic that it all be tied up in one. I don’t want to give too much away about KILLING SARAI for those who haven’t read it yet, but to those of you who have, you know there is only one important aspect of Victor and Sarai’s relationship that did not get ‘wrapped up’ in book one. If it had, you all know it would’ve been too fast!

Lastly, I want everyone to know that I do not intend to make you wait a year for each new book! I can’t give any better time-frames, but it definitely won’t be that long of a wait!

The only thing I can, with certainty, promise you is that this series will only get darker, grittier and sexier (yes, the romance will definitely be amped-up more than it was in book one!). I hope you’ll all give it a chance and not worry so much about me pulling a Danny on you! :-)