In the Company of Killers On Sale $0.99 Limited Time

BOOK #1 – KILLING SARAI Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo BOOK #2 – REVIVING IZABEL Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo BOOK #3 – THE SWAN & THE JACKAL Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo — **It may take some eTailers longer to change the price, … Continue reading

Questions Answered About Fredrik Gustavsson

Since THE SWAN & THE JACKAL released on March 5th, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about Fredrik—many of them asking the same things—that I decided I’d answer them here, hopefully to clear some things up as well as ease some minds. And I will do this the safest … Continue reading

Killers ‘Digital’ Covers & Sneak Peek TSatJ!

  Some of you may have noticed that there are (yet again) new covers for KILLING SARAI and REVIVING IZABEL on Amazon. Also, I’ve updated the REVIVING IZABEL Kindle file to include the prologue of THE SWAN & THE JACKAL at the end, but it might be a long time … Continue reading