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In the Company of Killers is a series about two rogue assassin brothers and a damaged girl with the blood of a killer who becomes the tie that binds the three. Together, along with a man whose torture and interrogation methods spread fear throughout their underground world of crime, they embark on the ultimate mission: take out the leader of the world’s oldest and largest assassination ring, and gain control of its operations—while at the same time fighting each other, and battling their own demons.

With a large cast of characters with diverse personalities there is no shortage of action, drama, whiplash-inducing twists and controversial themes. This series pushes boundaries as the group embarks on a dangerous life together of crime, lust, deception, murder and love.

Victor Faust – The driving force behind the organization – Victor is a dangerous man with the work ethic of a machine. Methodical. A ghost. His only weaknesses? His brother, Niklas, and his woman, Izabel.

Izabel Seyfried – From the foot of a Master to the heart of an assassin – Izabel, the dangerous alter ego of Sarai Cohen, may still be learning how to live life as a contract killer, but she is a force in her own right, and should never be underestimated.

Niklas Fleischer – The ‘bad-boy’ of the organization – Niklas doesn’t give a fuck and will let you know it. Bold. Undisciplined. Sex is his favorite pastime. And he hates his brother’s girl, Izabel…or at least that’s what he wants her to believe.

Fredrik Gustavsson – The Interrogator. The Specialist. The Jackal. Fredrik is known by many titles, but few truly know him. He is a man with a tortured soul drowning in the darkness of a tortured past—frightening and gorgeous has never worked so well together.

Nora Kessler – A name she made up on a whim. She’s as deadly as she is beautiful, and the first mistake you can make is letting her get inside your head. Love her. Hate her. No matter what you do, don’t turn your back on her. Who is she and what does she really want from Victor Faust’s Order?

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