The Devil’s Advocate meets Alice in Wonderland
Wicked. Dark. Humorous. Twisted.

While on his way to the office one morning, Norman Reeves’ daily commute derails when a run-in with a stranger makes him question not only the whereabouts of his wallet, but also his sanity. In hopes of retrieving his property–and to satisfy his curiosity–Norman agrees to meet a hooker in an alley for the promise of making some extra cash if he simply talks to her. But when he arrives in the alley, he is surprised to see the hooker accompanied by a sharp-tongued boy, and a set of conjoined twins who only speak in riddles. Further complicating the bewildering encounter, the stranger tells Norman he must choose from these bizarre people, to take one of them with him on a journey–and he cannot refuse.

The stranger? None other than the Devil. The journey? Find the center of Eden and reverse the Fall of Man.

Thrust into a place called Creation, Norman’s task is plagued by unimaginable people and events. He must unravel impossible clues to free the Three Trees, and keep himself out of Hell at the same time. On this surreal and fantastical journey, Norman discovers many things better left unknown: the shocking secret lives of people close to him, and the terrible reason why he was chosen for this mission.

If Norman succeeds, his rewards will be unimaginable.

But should Norman fail, like all visitors to Creation, he will forget everyone and everything he has ever known, becoming part of the nightmarish madness that was once the paradise of Eden.



Dirty Eden



Published: March 10, 2012 | 2nd Edition February 13, 2015
Genre: Contemporary Fantasy/Speculative Fiction/Satire

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–Aside from the names of deceased historical figures mentioned in the book, other noteworthy figures, who were left unnamed, also made appearances: Sid Vicious (English punk rock musician from the band, the Sex Pistols); Robert Leroy Johnson (American Delta blues singer, songwriter and musician); Jim Jones (American sect leader notoriously known for the mass murder-suicide of Jonestown).

–Tsaeb is Beast spelled backwards.

–The author wrote DIRTY EDEN during a period where she was going through self-diagnosed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) after suffering a collapsed lung.

–Of all the books Redmerski has written, DIRTY EDEN is the one she is most proud of. “DIRTY EDEN was an entirely organic experience for me, as was the story from beginning to end; nothing was planned, and I didn’t know the end myself until I got there. As much as I enjoy writing love stories and crime novels, a big part of my heart really does lie in the satirical and strange. I just wish more people would read it.”

–Of all the books Redmerski has authored, DIRTY EDEN remains her favorite, even above her New York Times bestsellers.

–The scene with The Hermit was heavily inspired by Hieronymus Bosch’s ‘Hermit Saints Triptych’ painting.

–Audible narrator, Stephen Bel Davies, picked DIRTY EDEN as his ‘favorite fiction book to narrate’.


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