Q: Who is the ‘Andrew’ model on the cover of THE EDGE OF ALWAYS?

A: That is musician/model Benjamin Fiege. You can find him on Facebook and Model Mayhem!

Q: Are you going to write about any other characters from THE EDGE OF NEVER/THE EDGE OF ALWAYS/SONG OF THE FIREFLIES?

A: At this time, I have to say no.

Q: Where can I get a THE EDGE OF NEVER book necklace for myself?

A: The very talented Monica from Moon Over Maize makes the necklaces – they’re not cheap but they’re very worth it!



Q: Will there be anymore books in The Darkwoods Trilogy?

A: Since it is a trilogy, there are only a total of three.

Q: When will the DarkSouls Trilogy be released?

A: At this time, I have no plans to write them. But I may in the future.

Q: Why are you not considering writing The DarkSouls Trilogy and continuing The Praverian Chronicles?

A: I am a full-time writer and it is my only means of income – unfortunately, I can’t take the kind of time out needed to continue this series if I’m not confident that it will sell very well.



Q: Can you send me a paperback digital copy of your book so that I can review it on my blog?

A: Due to digital files being illegally distributed, I no longer give out review copies of my self-published works, including books from In the Company of Killers. Please contact my publisher, Forever Romance, if you would like to review THE EDGE OF NEVER, THE EDGE OF ALWAYS, SONG OF THE FIREFLIES or THE MOMENT OF LETTING GO.


You can send your book to:

Jessica Redmerski
2513 McCain Blvd. Ste 2 #385
North Little Rock, Arkansas 72116-7606
United States



Q: Can you send me a paperback copy of your book so that I can review it on my blog? Can you give me a digital copy for review?

A: Please contact my publisher, Forever Romance, if you would like to review THE EDGE OF NEVER, THE EDGE OF ALWAYS or SONG OF THE FIREFLIES.

Q: Will you do an interview on my book blog site?

A: Unfortunately, at this time I cannot spare the time to do interviews and guests posts unless it is for a book tour or upcoming event, in which you’ll need to get in touch with my publicist Marissa Sangiacomo.

Q: I’m an author and am looking for some beta readers for my book(s); would you be interested?

A: I’m honored anytime a fellow author asks me to be a beta reader, but at this time I have to regretfully decline. I may read and provide a blurb every now and then for a couple of books a year, but only those requested of me directly through publishing houses, or by Indie authors I already have a relationship with.

Q: Can I be a beta reader for you?

A: Again, I’m honored someone would even want to beta read my books, but I already have all of the beta readers that I need.

Q: Will you review my book on your site?

A: Sorry, but I’m not a book reviewer and cannot respond to these kinds of requests.

Q: I am a book blogger. Can you send me some swag (printed books, bookmarks, posters, etc.) to give away on my book blog site?

A: Please contact my publisher, Forever Romance, for things like this. I no longer keep extra copies of my books at home.

Q: Who does your book covers?

A: My covers are done by various people, including myself! Here is a complete list: All three books in The Darkwoods Trilogy were done by the very talented Michelle Monique Photography, as well as KILLING SARAI, THE SWAN & THE JACKAL and portions of REVIVING IZABEL. My speculative fiction novel cover DIRTY EDEN was done by illustrator Daniele Serra. The cover for THE EDGE OF NEVER was done by me originally and then was revamped by my publisher, who also did the covers for THE EDGE OF ALWAYS and SONG OF THE FIREFLIES.


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