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The Moment of Letting Go by J.A. Redmerski


The Moment of Letting Go


by J.A. Redmerski


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  1. I would like to face my fear of balls someday… I got hit in the head by a basketball when I was little which caused me to fall back and hit my head against the concrete ground. I was bleeding profusely and shocked out of my wits. Since then I can’t be around any type of sports balls (basketball, volleyball, beach ball, etc. ) If anyone tries to throw a ball at me, I would run the other direction. I just can’t help it! :(

    p.s. Love your books and I can’t wait to read The Moment of Letting Go!

  2. I’d love to face my fear of myself.

  3. I’m terified of hights but that never stops me going anywhere. In fact when I was in Italy last a made a point of climbing the highest points for the better views. :)

  4. Like a couple of other commenters, I faced fears of failure and eternal loneliness when I left an abusive husband. Lost a “mate,” gained a bunch of wisdom.

  5. I’d like to face my fear of heights…sky diving!

  6. For awhile I had a relatively unreasonable fear of squirrels. Yep, you read right, squirrels. I had an unfortunate run in with a squirrel that hissed at me, and proceeded to run after me. I didn’t provoke it. And before this incident I didn’t fear squirrels.

  7. I am a year 12 student, and I’m at the stage of choosing university and what I’d like to study. I am torn between 2 things. The first is my strong passion for design (in particular graphic design), which I would like to combine with business, which will give me the right skills to one day begin my own stationary brand. But I also want to study law, however I am beginning to realise I am not as passionate about it as design. The business route is very risky and the law route is stable. My parents immigrated to Australia when I was 6 years old, and as their only child, they have sacrificed everything for me. My family is also not financially stable. So my biggest fear is making the wrong decision, where I let myself and my family down. If I don’t study design, I may not love what I do, even if I am paid well. However, I may increase my family’s debt by beginning a business and failing – which is probably where the fear lies. In short my biggest fear is failure.

  8. I have a fear of the water, but I took my son to the pool because he wanted to go swimming and there was no one else to take him.

  9. First off, I would like to say that I am so excited for this book release! I love your books and your writing style is so amazingly unique! Thank you J.A. Redmerski for writing such wonderful novels!

    In terms of a fear I would like to face, that would have to be driving. I drive now but am very nervous with it and would love to overcome that fear!

  10. I am running my first half marathon this fall! I am so excited, but really nervous!

  11. Love your books. Thanks for the chance.

  12. I faced the fear of my son’s illness and death (I kinda had to) and came out on the other side stronger…sadder but stronger. As for fears I would like to face, there are a plethora of them – heights, drowning, flying, snakes – relatively minor in the grand scheme of things but fairly significant to me and others.

  13. I Love your books so much <3

  14. I had a fear of cockroaches eventhough I know they’re pretty harmless!! But I managed to face them one time when I was forced to get rid of it from my room :D

  15. I am afraid of spiders but I have been recently facing it to show my young daughter they are harmless.

  16. Leaving my unhealthy marriage
    Thanks so much for the fantastic giveaway ????????

  17. I’m afraid of open seas. I drowned 2 when I was a kid and it pretty much traumatized me. Recently, I faced it by going on a vacay. I went surfing and I practically enjoyed it. It’s still there but I’m getting my fears one step at a time.

  18. Getting over my fear of flying,,, I’m not actually no longer fearful to fly, but now I can fly (with a little pharmaceutical assistance).

  19. When I finally stood up to my ex-husband who was abusive to me and my children. It felt great because he had no power

  20. I panic when I’m riding in cars and I don’t know how to get over it.

  21. I have a fear of heights and don’t really think I can face it.

  22. I have a fear of flying, but when given the chance to ride in a Stearman bi-plane doing aerobatic stunts, I took it. It was fun!

  23. I don’t need to tell you how much I LOVE your fanfreakintastic books cause you already no ;)
    I am soooooo excited for this book I’ve been counting down the days… XOXO ???

  24. I have a fear of a certain bug and I do not plan on facing it!!! Ewwwee lol
    I legit am fearful of the turn of this country however. ????

  25. I faced my fear of moving on from an awful marriage and proved I can do things on my own :)

  26. I love all your books and I’m anxious for this one.
    I loved the title and synopsis!!!!

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