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Since THE SWAN & THE JACKAL released on March 5th, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about Fredrik—many of them asking the same things—that I decided I’d answer them here, hopefully to clear some things up as well as ease some minds. And I will do this the safest way I can without revealing any spoilers.

Q: Will Fredrik get another present day book?

A: YES! Remember, this is an ongoing series! There are no set number of books and I have no end in sight. There will be more books on all of the characters and even some that you’ve yet to meet. Think of this series as an ongoing television show—more shit will happen, good and bad, people will die, relationships will be made and broken, etc.! Just because someone new gets a book, doesn’t mean you’ve seen the last of the characters who you read about previously.

Q: Why write Fredrik’s prequel/back-story since we already know what happens to Seraphina and Cassia in THE SWAN & THE JACKAL?

A: Because his back-story is important and will reveal more about his past that you don’t know, including people that will appear in his life in present day. You don’t have to read it, but I wouldn’t write it if it wasn’t necessary to the building of his character and his present day life. And keep in mind, all characters in this series will get one prequel/back-story book. Because all of these characters have big secrets—Izabel’s secret, for instance, will…well, I can’t tell you that. ;-) NOTE: This information changed and a full back-story was was not written! Instead, I chose to reveal the character’s back-stories in bits and pieces throughout present day books.

Q: Will Fredrik get…(how do I put this without spoiling it?)…Will he get what he deserves? (Those of you who have read THE SWAN & THE JACKAL probably understand the question.)

A: Well, I can’t tell you yes or no because that would spoil it, wouldn’t it?! But I’m only in the business of breaking hearts on occasion (because not every book in an ongoing series like this can end with an HEA, or it would be entirely UNREALISTIC and BORING and EXPECTED, and did I mention unrealistic?) Remember, this is a crime, suspense and thriller series about KILLERS, people who live a life of crime and darkness. If every book ended on a loving, romantic note in a series like this…well, need I really explain further?

Q: Will we see more of Victor and Izabel?

A: YES! See the answer to question #1 :-)


So, I hope this helps! I’m so glad you’re all enjoying the series so far! :-) I’m definitely enjoying writing it and I look forward to delving deeper into this world and shocking you some more. :-P





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  1. Please please PLEASE PLEASE do not I repeat DO NOT break up or kill Victor or Izabel!!! That would just kill the series for me as well. Its such an awesome suspense story with their own love.
    And for Gustavsson I freaking cried like a baby for him towards the end. He needs his happy as well!
    But please don’t kill or do anything hasty with those three.
    Im freaking thrilled you’re writing about them soon. Again, please don’t make drastic changes on those three because of them I go on with these books. Thanks for writing awesome books – not just this series but your others too :)

    Also, will there be a story to The Edge of always, the daughter?

  2. I know that this is YOUR story and you should be free to tell it how you wish, but I agree with the “please NO Veronica Roth” statement and the fact that if Izabel and Frederick have a sexual relationship, it will kill the series for me, it really will. I have no problem with tragedy and death and I’m such a hypocrite that I rather that Izabel or Victor die then have a relationship with someone else. That’s it! Rant done! I’m sorry if I sounded bitchy, I really do love this series and I just don’t want to be crushed like I was with that other series “that should not be named.” So kill away, murder, maim, burn and torture, just don’t cross a few lines that readers can’t come back from, that’s all I ask!! No, all I beg!

  3. Please don’t pull a Veronica Roth where the deaths add nothing to the story and only cause unnecessary unhappiness. I just love all of the characters so much and all of them deserve a HEA no matter how unrealistic it is.

  4. I loved the ending of Fredrik’s book! One of my pet peeves about side character spin-off books (and why I usually don’t read them) is that a hea ending is expected so it becomes predictable and takes the fun out of reading it. I can’t wait to see what happens next. Now that Nikolas is teamed up with a new person, I could see Izabel and Fredrik teamed up together. It will be interesting to see if Izabel can get through to him and to see if they will form a stronger bond.

  5. i’m in love with a Victor and Sarai/Izabel I think they are one of my favourite couples of all time.

  6. What ever you do remember we first feel in love with Victor and Sarai. Please keep them together.

  7. I love your books and hope that one day they become a movie

  8. I love your books and find them easy to read. I hope one day your books turn into a movie.

  9. Oh my, but please tell me that Victor and Izabel will not be the relatioship will broke and will end! At least one couple must have a happy future! And despite the tragedy in Fredrik’s life i’m still in love with this book and the way you write! This series is marvelous!

    • I love the Victor and Sarai. I don’t care about any of the others. It was thrilling watching them come together. If they don’t stay together I just will stop being in love with the series. They make it the series. You can add a ton of people but they made us spellbound and they are the magic…

  10. I love the series …. but you had me as a fan after I read the edge of never! you are one of my favorite authors! I hope fred gets his happy ending he so deserves it.

    • I have owned that book it seems for years and I have never read it.

      • Let me preface by saying I love In the Company of Killer Series. I have read some of you other series which I have enjoyed, but there is something about this series. It requires me the THINK! As the reader, become invested and form these love hate relationships with characters that you should feel nothing for. You definitely know how to humanize your characters. It will be interesting to see how the stories progress and if Izabel trades in one killer in for another.

        So glad you do not have an end in sight!!!

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