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Note: Winning results do not guarantee that’s what I’ll write, but I’m curious as to what my readers are looking forward to.

Which would you like to read from me next in the New Adult genre?
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Who’s story would you like to see next in the series, In the Company of Killers?
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  1. I need present day Fredrik. The last book left me in a cliffie! Please!

  2. I would love to read more Tate and Jen!

  3. Fredrik’s story, pretty please :))

  4. I voted for Fredrik present because I just finished The Swan and the Jackal. It’s the story that’s freshest on my mind and the way it ended for Fredrik has me in so much emotional turmoil, but I also wouldn’t mind Niklas’ story next. So curious about him. Just don’t leave me hanging with Fredrik please!

  5. Andrew may not like Natalie very much (his cell phone icon for her was hilarious), but she’s an interesting character to write about. I found her to be a bit of a firecracker, sweet but feisty. Natalie had too few scenes in the books she’s appeared in. I would definitely read her story, from her point of view and maybe that of her significant other. It’d be fun to see what Natalie’s guy sees in her and how he manages to win her heart.

  6. I’d like a whole backstory of how Fredrik & Seraphina met, but I’m also very curious about Niklas, I think there’s more to him than we had the opportunity to see.

    I don’t know, Jessica you should write about them all. :)

  7. Natalie would be a good one.

  8. Would love to read Lily’s story to see how daddy Andrew reacts to her as a teenager and then falling in love. He was such a free spirit but I wondered how he was as a father. I also wondered how Camryn did as a mom and if she ever regretted having Lily since she wasn’t happy about being pregnant the first time. Their lives were so interesting (they traveled with a toddler in other countries, I can’t even take my kids to wal-mart). I loved the Edge books and felt a little lost when they were finished so please, keep writing more!!!!!!!

  9. do Natalie’s story!

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