Killers ‘Digital’ Covers & Sneak Peek TSatJ!




Some of you may have noticed that there are (yet again) new covers for KILLING SARAI and REVIVING IZABEL on Amazon.

Also, I’ve updated the REVIVING IZABEL Kindle file to include the prologue of THE SWAN & THE JACKAL at the end, but it might be a long time before an update is issued through Amazon for those of you who bought the previous Kindle version. So, I’m going to include that prologue for you all here so you don’t miss out! :-)

Click here to read it!

Lastly, the official synopsis for THE SWAN & THE JACKAL is up! Check it out here! And I’ve decided NOT to use a pseudonym for this series, just an FYI! :-)



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  1. Yay! I just got it and I’m about to start reading. Cannot wait! Love this series.

  2. I can’t wait for Fredrik’s book; I’ve liked him ever since “Killing Sarai”.

  3. I love the new covers!

  4. Wow! Read the sneak peak to TS and J and cannot wait for the book. I liked Fredrik in Reviving. Awesome!

  5. amazing and that’s an understatement also pure torture I have to wait for the book

  6. Lindsey Greer-Smith

    I love these covers. I liked the old covers with the white, but I love these! Will the covers of already purchased digital copies updated? I love them!

  7. Wow! This is incredible and i Can’t wait for this book. In The Company of the killers is an incredible serie! Thanks!

  8. Oh, whoa :) I love this ‘Reviving Izabel’ cover more than the “previous”/”original” one. I think it’s more authentic for the mood of the book.

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