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I wanted to let my readers know, especially fans of my In the Company of Killers series, that I’ve been contemplating using a pseudonym for that series, which means that any future books I publish will be under a new name. That is, if I decide to go this route.

Why? Well, I never would’ve considered anything like this before, but I’ve come to the realization that many of my readers who are fans of my New Adult/Romance titles have read books from my Killers series expecting them to also be of the New Adult/Romance genre, only to find out that they’re not. KILLING SARAI and REVIVING IZABEL are not New Adult books and while there is romance and sex in these books, they are not considered romance novels because romance is not the focus. Instead, my Killers series is categorized under Suspense/Crime/Thriller and on occasion can be considered Romantic Suspense.

So, the short answer is that I don’t want to confuse my New Adult/Romance readers in any way, and vice-versa.

Many authors use pseudonyms when writing in other genres for this very reason: so that readers don’t get confused and feel cheated. But the reason I felt the need to tell you all this publicly is because I’ve already published the first two books in the series under J.A. Redmerski and I wanted you to be aware of the change, if I choose to do this.

And I wanted to know YOUR thoughts on this matter!  What do you think? :-)






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  1. I think it is a talent that an author can write different kinds of books. You already got a name there and we know the quality and genre of your book. I think you should just keep using it. It doesn’t bother me at all nor confuse me. (Look at JK Rowlings, she wrote Cuckoo’s calling and it was good too!).

  2. jessica i love your stories so much i will read what ever you write no matter what name is on the cover?

  3. I felt that keeping the name gave me a reason to read an establish author’s subsequent works.

    All these pseudonym in the market was confusing at times.

  4. Hi Jessica. I’ve been thinking about your post for a while before deciding to reply. From an author’s POV, if you use a pen and real name to distinguish between which book is gearing towards what genre, this may help you reach a broader audience. But also, if the reader is smart enough when reading the synopsis, they can try and determine what genre you were aiming for no matter what name you’re using. New Adult readers would remember your real name and look for your name. The same would go if you chose to run under a different title for your Suspense/Crime/Thriller books. When I’m at the bookstore, I can recall most people would say they remember the author’s name and genre, but not the title. And I do the same thing.

    I didn’t think twice to use a pseudonym when I started writing because I wanted to remain private when venturing off into the NA/Erotic Realm. I wanted to keep business and personal names separate. Plus readers may wonder “How do you pronounce that name?” Whether you decide to run with dual identities is solely up to you. If you stick to one name and publish under a variety of genres, then that’s awesome and many will need to remember just one name.

    If you use two names, that’s sounds like you’re doubling up the workload; possibly running a second website, remembering to sign a book with the right name, etc.

    As long as your work is equally as good under both names, you’ll be just fine under two identities if that’s what you end up choosing.

    I hope this helps :)

    • Sorry for the delayed reply! I’ve been so busy lately. But I really agree with all of the points you made. I’ve been really leaning more toward keeping my name, especially since I’ve already published two books under it. If I hadn’t have and was just starting the series out, it would be another story. But also, the thought of using two names and ‘doubling up the workload’ I think has been the biggest influence in which side my decision has been leaning. I can barely keep up with one. :-S

      Anyway, thanks so much for your advice!

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  6. I really think that changing your name won’t really make a difference. You should keep your name and just try to emphasize the fact that the series is not technically a romance novel. Changing your name will probably do more harm and if no one has really complained about it then you shouldn’t really think you have to.

    I love both series and I think that since I had already read The Edge of Never series, and loved it, it really attracted me more to reading your other works, no matter the genre.

  7. I think that is a great idea. I think it helps because when people read books by authors that write multiple genres, there seems to be a certain expectation of their upcoming books. Being a fan of certain books anticipating the next if it were different, may cause them to say unfavorable things even when the book is good just because they compare it to its preceding.

  8. You are an established writer with popular books in more than one genre. Your readers are smart people and if not, now will soon be aware that you write in different arenas. I say keep your name unless you move into a third area with a whole different reading audience.

    I find it admirable that you are concerned for your readers. I have several favorite authors who write horror and romance or historical romance and sic-fi/fantasy. I just make it a point to read the book description before I purchase.

  9. You have already established your brand with this name. By changing it I thnk you would lose more than you would gain. The few reasons to have a pseudonym should be if the name is too similar to an established author i.e. S. King etc. or if you are writing erotica and you don’t want readers to cross genres i.e. Children, or if your name is unwieldy. I’m sure there are a few others but genre confusion wouldn’t be on my list unless its of the erotica nature as listed above. In the past pseudonyms were needed because publishers wanted the branding to be different per genre, but in today’s market over-all branding with name recognition is more important, otherwise you’d be diluting your media presence. For more on this topic read author Kristine Rusch’s blog http://kriswrites.com/2013/10/02/the-business-rusch-pen-names/

    no explanation needed. keep it.

  11. Shannon Colantuono

    I think you should keep using your name. I think it’s amazing that you can write in different genres and you’re still able to deliver phenomenal reads. I read The Edge of Never first and it became one of my favorite books. I bought Killing Sarai since I loved both Edge books but put off reading it because the description was so different. I thought that it wouldn’t be as good because they were different…I was wrong. I can’t believe I let that book sit in my library for all that time. Killing Sarai replaced The Edge of Never as my favorite book. My point is you shocked me because I didn’t expect to devour In the Company of a Killer series like I did. I read Killing Sarai because you wrote it and will continue to read everything you put out. Next is Dirty Eden, which looks like a different read altogether. I think keeping your name just proves that you’re a kick ass author that can write anything!

  12. As you’ve already published the “In The Company of Killers” series with your existing name, changing it now will most likely confuse your readers a lot more than they would have been if you’d used a new pen name in the first place. You run the risk of driving some of them away. Personally, I wasn’t confused. I found both “The Edge of Never” and the Killers series fantastic, but not every reader is going to enjoy both genres. I agree with Sarah–you don’t HAVE to change your name. Plenty of authors like you have written different genres under the same name, with success. Just do what you think is best for you. If you later write a book in a genre you haven’t done before, you could opt for a new pen name, particularly if the genre is radically different or calls for it.

  13. If you wrote a grocery list and put it on amazon for sale ID READ IT! Just use your name! Give yourself props for the AMAZING job you did writing totally two different genre’s and killing it with both! I LOVED Killing Sarai and Reviving Izabel! Such different unpredictable reads that kept me on my toes!

  14. Marisol Latorre Reyes

    The first of your books i read was The Edge of Never, i love it with every piece of my heart, and i swear that having it in my bookshelf is like having a treasure, So when I started Killing Sarai, the very first page i knew this one was going to be a complete different ride, and OMG! It blew my mind and Reviving Izabel just killed me! It’s just so, so good, i can’t even explain, my point is that (to me) it doesn’t even matter if you choose a different name to write, i’ll read them anyway, but if you feel this way is a better way to get to your readers, go ahead and do it!
    Blessings xx

  15. Hmmm…..I can understand your reasons behind the possibility of using a pseudonym. However, I honestly don’t think that this is something that you HAVE to do. Firstly, there are soooo many resources in which to get information on a book these days that if one says they were uneducated about the genre or content then they obviously didn’t take the time to research at all and can’t “complain” about a purchase that they took a risk on. Between Amazon, Goodreads, blogs and social media, one can find out what the tone of a book is with just a few clicks. But even beyond that, it will make so much more work for you in trying to keep up with two “personalities”. I think it would be more beneficial to have the you we already know giving us as much info and interaction as you can then trying to spread that thin between two accounts beyond multiple platforms. I personally love it when an author is able to write different genres and give genuinely different stories every time I open one of their books. I think your doing awesome just the way you are now. :) xoxo

  16. I have read both your genres already and I didn’t find it confusing at all. Based on the blurbs from the “In the company of killers” books, it is obvious that these are nothing like The Edge of Never/Always. It is “ok” not to like all the books one specific author writes, each reader has his/her own preference.
    I wouldn’t change it.

  17. Hopefully there won’t be any confusion. If none were after 2 books, I don’t think so any complaining will start now.
    I simply like this series title too much to be changed :)

  18. I say keep it since you already started the series with your name. Just in the future any books you do that aren’t NA maybe use a pseudonym…But honestly I read a ton of different type of books and like a ton of different authors but if I’m used to reading books by a certain author I will be more likely to one click than if I’m not familiar with the name. IDK There are pros and cons to both.

  19. Honestly, I don’t like this idea. When any NA readers read the short summary of the books, I really don’t know how they cannot figure out it’s not a romantic genre type. Even from series title (In the Company of Killers) I wouldn’t think it’s an NA or romantic book.
    I always look up book genre, when I’m unsure about it and decide if it’s my kind of thing or not. I’d suggest they should be more conscious in selecting books for their kind.

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