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This holiday season one of the things that I am most thankful for are all of the readers who put THE EDGE OF ALWAYS on the New York Times bestseller list! I cannot thank you enough and I wanted to give all of you a present. For everyone who has taken the time to talk about or post a of review of THE EDGE OF ALWAYS, I will be sending a downloadable poster of the series. And for four lucky grand prize winners, I will be personalizing the message to you (or someone of your choosing) and sending you print version of the poster!




To enter for a chance to win, here’s what you do:

1. Grab a screen capture of anytime you discussed THE EDGE OF ALWAYS online. This can be a review on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, or any other retailer. Or maybe you ‘shelved’ the book on Goodreads. Perhaps you sent an email to a friend about Cam and Andrew. Maybe you commented on a blogger’s review, or are a blogger yourself that reviewed the book. Facebook mentions or Tweets – yep, those count too! A screen grab of any of these online mentions is perfect!

2. Email the screen capture to the following address: ForeverRomancePublisher@gmail.com with the subject line “J. A. Redmerski Poster Giveaway”.


You will be emailed a hi resolution version of the poster to print or to use for your computer background. Then on Saturday, November 30th four grand prize winners will be chosen to receive a signed printed poster with a personalized message. Entries must be sent by midnight on Friday, November 29. Good luck and thank you all again for your support!

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Haven’t read THE EDGE OF ALWAYS yet? Get it here!


J. A. Redmerski


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  1. can’t wait to know who win this beautiful poster, i really hope im one of the winners (Fingers crossed)

  2. I loved the books so much thay made me :(

  3. love your books

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