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Hi all! For anyone interested, you can get the code for the widget above by clicking on the bottom of it where it says ‘Get Widget’.

Be on the lookout for several awesome giveaways between now and release week, which most of them will be open Internationally. You’ll get a few chances to win signed copies of both THE EDGE OF NEVER and THE EDGE OF ALWAYS, signed posters and other cool stuff!



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  1. I am so excited for the release of The Edge of Always! I am going to re-read The Edge of Never to get ready for it! Thanks for creating such wonderful characters like Cam and Andrew! :-)

  2. I just went to the bookstore to buy the book but they said it doesn’t come out ’til January. Has anyone else gotten that too?

  3. Can’t wait to read this! Love this story! I love Adult Fiction because I can lose myself in the story if written well. Hope you will be in Chicago next May!

  4. I love reading adult romance because they usually are a little sexy

  5. New Adult – the possibilities

    Can’t wait for this book!!!

  6. I’m excited for this book! I love NA books! I’ve found some great authors in the NA genre and I love the stories and characters.

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  8. Vocês são sortudos!! Eu ainda vou ter que esperar chegar no Brasil. :(

    Super ansiosa por este livro!

  9. I cant wait to read this. I have been patiently waiting.I just finished The Edge of Never. Im really likeing this.

  10. I am really excited for this ^-^

  11. I can’t wait for this book!!! I loved The Edge of Never. I’m so excited that The Edge of Always is almost here!!!!

  12. Can’t wait. No really I can’t so I’m reading Edge of Never, again. :)

  13. I cannot wait for this book!! And to see you in Cleveland in April!

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