Forever Romance Authors Answer: Would You Rather…?



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Nyrae Dawn, New Adult author of Charade and Facade answer some crazy questions: Would you rather…?

1. Would you rather a super-successful movie be made from one of your books, or a long-lasting television series?

Hmm. That’s tough. I think a long-lasting TV series.

2. If you were stranded on a rarely traveled desolate highway for three days, would you rather have Adrian from Façade or Colt from Charade as your company?

Oh no! I love both my boys. I think I would have to go with Adrian though. He’s lived through a lot and been on the road quite a bit. Plus, he could distract me with his poetry.

3. Would you rather go shopping with Cheyenne from Charade or to a night club with Delaney from Façade?

I’m going to say shopping with Chey. I love her no-nonsense attitude. She would be fun to hang out with. Plus, I’m lame and don’t dance ;)

4. Would you rather live in the mountains of Alaska with $10 million dollars in the bank, or on the beaches of Hawaii, completely penniless?

I definitely have to go with Hawaii. I am not the girl who would do well living in the middle of Alaska.

5. Would you rather have dinner with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in France, or play Scrabble with Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield?

Scrabble with Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield all the way. It would be a blast!

6. Would you rather be a vampire on Tru Blood or one of Dexter’s victims?


7. Would you rather be a First Lady or real-life royalty like the Duchess of Cambridge?

I think I would go with the First Lady. That way it’s not something I have to be forever if I don’t want. LOL.

8. Would you rather get a tattoo across your entire back or give up writing for five years?

Tattoo across my back. No question. I would go crazy if I couldn’t write. Plus, I’m a little in love with tattoos.

9. Would you rather live a long life with everything you’ve ever wanted or live forever always with the opportunity to obtain everything you’ve ever wanted?

Live a long life. Even if I didn’t have everything, I wouldn’t want to live forever.

10. If you had to give up writing, would you rather replace it with something art or music-related?

That is tough. I can’t imagine not writing but I think I would go with art… I’m not a good artist though so I’d love to learn real quick!

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