THE EDGE OF NEVER Paperback Availability


Hi all! July is a pretty big month for me. My U.S. paperback release for THE EDGE OF NEVER was on July 2nd and yesterday, July 4th it was officially released in the UK.

(L-R HarperCollins UK – Lizzie (marketing), Alex (art) and my super sweet editor, Martha Ashby!)

Here it is in a U.S. Barnes & Noble – I’m a few steps over from Robert Kirkman (you have no idea how excited that makes me, LOL! Two entirely different genres, I know, but all who know anything about me know I’m a HUGE Walking Dead fan!)

(Photo by Brian Salata)

THE EDGE OF NEVER has also been released recently in the Philippines:

BOZOuubCQAAy1Pm.jpg large
(Photo by Erika Bianca Garcia on Twitter)

I’m just so thrilled to finally be in bookstores! I also wanted to mention that these paperbacks (although I’m still unsure about the one in the Philippines) do include the bonus chapter that I wrote after so many fans of Camryn and Andrew requested it. For those who are wondering, right now only the new *improved and EDITED* paperback includes the bonus chapter and the reason for this is because the digital versions had already been published. That is not to say the bonus chapter won’t be added to the digital versions at a later date. If it is, I will announce it ASAP.

Lastly, I know I met and signed books for so many fans at Book Bash 2013, but for those of you who couldn’t make it, or I ran out of free books before you got to my table, now that you can buy the book in stores, you’re more than welcome to ship it to me to the address on my Contact page, I will sign it and ship it back to you! :-)


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  1. is this book already in the philippines.? i hope it was.

  2. is this books already in the philippines.? i hope it was.

  3. Congratulations Jessica! I am so happy for you and you are so deserving of all your success! So much love coming your way!

  4. yay! CONGRATULATIONS MS. REDMERSKI!!! So glad that it will be available on my home country (Philippines) too! ^_^

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