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I got the official green light yesterday to announce that in the new print edition of THE EDGE OF NEVER due to release on July 2, 2013, it will include a chapter-length section in the back of the book of Andrew’s POV of a crucial scene. Those of you who asked me to write his POV of that particular scene already know which scene I’m referring to. To everybody else who has read it, all I can say publicly is that it’s a crucial scene at the ‘end of the book’ and you’ll probably know which one. I can’t go into anymore detail than that because then it would be a major spoiler for everyone who hasn’t read THE EDGE OF NEVER yet. So, if you’ve already bought the original print version of THE EDGE OF NEVER, don’t worry! The only thing that will be different in the new edition is the added bonus material, so please don’t feel like you have to buy the new edition, too. The bonus material is just added in as a little something special for all of those who asked me to write that scene in Andrew’s POV.


So far, this bonus material is only to be included in the new print edition by Forever Romance. If it is ever included anywhere else, I will announce it at a later date.


You can pre-order the print edition now on Amazon and it will ship automatically to you on the release date!


Now, I need to clarify one thing for those who might be a little confused: No, this is NOT the ‘second book’ news that you all have been waiting on. News of the sequel, prequel or spinoff will be announced later! :-)


Thanks so much and Happy Valentine’s Day!!! :-D

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  1. Haha, you “New York Times Best Seller” you ;) !!! <33

  2. I already have a kindle version of TEON and TWO print copies of it as well .. and now I hear that little voice in my head telling me that I need to buy the new one as well, ha ha!! I love The Edge of Never!
    .. Buuut is the cover going to change? That happens a lot when self-published books becomes ‘officially published’ .. and I would just cry myself into oblivion if you changed that cover .. it is too pretty!!

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