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Okay everybody, I’ve got an awesome giveaway for the fans of THE EDGE OF NEVER to begin tomorrow 11/28 and it’s open to EVERYONE. Included in the giveaway will be a sterling silver book necklace as shown below which includes four pages of text. (A $200 value!)

(Click image to view larger size.)

Along with the necklace, I’ll be giving away the ‘Barton Hollow’ full CD by The Civil Wars. And if you haven’t already, please check them out! They are amazing!

And lastly, the grand prize winner will also receive a *signed* paperback copy of THE EDGE OF NEVER.

The GRAND PRIZE WINNER will receive all of the above prizes. There will also be five runner-ups and they will each win a *signed* paperback copy! Please keep in mind that I am using Rafflecopter to choose the winners and in no way whatsoever will I choose any winner myself. This will be a fair giveaway and I cannot play favorites so please, please don’t try to sweet-talk me, LOL!

Now PLEASE READ the following:

  • Some of the ways to enter require you to do things you may have already done (follow me on Twitter, etc.) THIS IS OK! As long as you fill out the ‘extra information’ on the widget which asks for your username, consider that a valid entry. Just make sure you include your ‘extra information’ so that I can verify it.
  • Please, please DO NOT create ‘dummy accounts’ on Goodreads, etc. to get extra entries! Accounts that look suspicious (just 1 review, recent creation, no activity, no photo, etc.) will be considered invalid, so don’t waste your time!
  • If you are not a fan of THE EDGE OF NEVER, I’m asking you NOT to enter. This is a pricey and meaningful giveaway that I wanted to do for the FANS, not for others who simply like to enter contests – no offense!
  • All winners entries WILL be thoroughly checked and validated before winners are announced. Any winning entrant who appears fishy or not an actual fan, will be disqualified and a new winner will be generated by Rafflecopter.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. We hereby release Facebook of any liability.

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  1. Fernanda Cristina Aragão Rosa

    Oh… I was so ready for sweet-talk! Lol ;-)

  2. Hi Amy! And thank you for reading it! :-)

  3. Absolutely LOVE The Edge of Never. Thank you so much for writing such a beautiful book!

  4. Oh my god I’m sitting here tears running and my chest feeling heavy – what an amazing ride, thank you for writing this aback g book

  5. Wow loved it first one of your books I’ve read will def be looking up the rest and omg did I need the tissues!!!

  6. Anna – You can get the necklace here:

    Just ask Monica for THE EDGE OF NEVER book necklace if you ever decide to order one. :-)

  7. who makes the necklace?

  8. So sorry, Faith! I don’t pick the winners myself, but they are randomly generated. There WILL be another giveaway with the necklace very soon on my book tour. Check out my latest blog post with the tour schedule and be sure to get your entries in on any of the tour stops. Good luck to you and I hope you win!

  9. Awwwww. *crushed* I hope you have more giveaways to come! lol. I really do love The Edge of Never. <3

  10. Thank you all for your comments and your support!

  11. i just finished the book. I must say I was sobbing, and feel so lucky to have found your work. I’m ordering another book right now. I truly enjoy your writing.

  12. This is an amazing giveaway, and I love-love-love the Civil Wars, especially the Disarm cover they do. I love the necklace too!

  13. Sounds awesome, I am going to read it

  14. I was browsing the quotes of the book and I love it! I am thinking of reading the book as soon as I can.

    Thank you for making the giveaway international. I am really excited for the book =D

  15. reading the book now and love it. And I just love The Civil Wars. they have such awesome songs.

  16. Loved this book. Great giveaway.

  17. Cassandra Mountakis

    Oh. My. God! This is the best giveaway ever!

  18. Well Jessica…..Maybe isn’t a no :) Since you got my attention with this amazing book.. i’ll just wait to see!! Going to start the Darkwood trilogy tonight!!

  19. Thank you everyone for your comments! I do read every single one! And to Christy: Right now I can’t really say if there will be or not. Maybe! :-)

  20. I’m desperately want this!!!

  21. Absolutely adored your book! Total book hangover for me so I won’t be able to read anything for awhile. All I can think about is Cam and Andrew! <3 them!

    Excited about the contest!!!

  22. I loved the book! I just finished it tonight. And Im still kinda reeling from it. Cried my eyes out. It was so intense & beautiful. And what a great story. One of my favorite books ever now! Great job

  23. OMG. Such an awesome giveaway! Thank You!!!

  24. OmG…can not get enouph of Camryn and Andrew!! I REALLY NEED MORE!! such an amazing book! Loved joining the journey of these 2. Can we expect book 2 ever???

  25. one of the best book i’ve read… love andrew and camryn journey..

  26. One of book that you MUST read before you die !!!

  27. I haven’t reading this book yet, but my friends review on goodreads made me thik that this book must be amazing (they give this bokk 5 star) !!!
    so thanks for this awesome giveaway, hopefully i can win this giveaway !!!! so i can read “the letter part ” that make everyone drowned on teras :)

  28. christine sundalangi

    ‘this is the amazing books’my friends saying like that, i’m not already done to reading this book but i love to have one of the edge of never :)
    Thank u for awesone giveaway :)

  29. Honestly, I have not reading the edge of never but I’ve falling love to this story by my friend reviews about it.
    I hope I can have one of the edge of never..
    thanks :)

  30. Just finished it !!
    What a wonderful story that I ever read….
    I was stunned speechless when finished reading it, do not know what to write when I wanted to make a review….

    Thank you for write such a beautiful and amazing story…..
    Thank you for give me a chance to “have” a “journey” with Cam and Andrew too……

  31. amazing story. more than a simple love story.

  32. My favorite book of the year!! AWESOME!

  33. love the story. I laughed, cried it was excellent!

  34. Wow! Thank you so much, Jenn! That’s a huge compliment if I’ve never heard one. :-)

    Dhini, Dinda, and everybody else because I’m having a hard time keeping up – Thank you!!!!!! :-)

  35. Thank you…….Just finished Edge of Never. BEST BOOK I HAVE EVER READ!!!!!

  36. Amazing!! Really love The Edge of Never.
    Thank you so much for writing such a great book..

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