A Frenzy of Stuff – Release Dates & Giveaways!


I have a lot going on this month: releasing two books five days apart, blog tour sign-ups, new giveaways starting, etc. – my head is spinning! I’m going to try to get it all into this post, but make it short.


* THE EDGE OF NEVER – My first New Adult contemporary romance will be released on November 15th! On release day only, the Kindle and Nook versions will be on sale at a promo price of $1.99 and then it will go to regular price on 11/16. Make sure to snag your copy on release day to save some money!

* THE BALLAD OF ARAMEI – The highly anticipated final book of The Darkwoods Trilogy will be released on November 20th! Also, this book will be on sale for Kindle and Nook for $1.99 on release day and then on 11/21 it will go to regular price at 3.99.


*As promised, I’ve also started an International version of The Darkwoods Trilogy Party Giveaway, so now my friends anywhere outside of the United States and Canada can enter to win the trilogy and a sterling silver Mayfair Moonstone necklace. If you’re in the U.S. or Canada, you can enter this giveaway.

*On Goodreads, a giveaway will start for THE EDGE OF NEVER on 11/14 – 1/14 and two paperback copies will be given away to someone in US, CA, GB, AU, FR, DE, IN, PH and PR. Check it out here!



*My novel THE EDGE OF NEVER will be on tour with AToMR Tours January 7th – 12th, 2013. If you’re a book blogger/reviewer and would like to participate in the tour please check out this page and sign up!
Update: tour spots are full and closed!

*AToMR Tours is also hosting a Buzz Event for THE EDGE OF NEVER November 15th – 27th. Bloggers can sign up to reveal one of three short excerpts from the book, on their sites. Please sign up here for that!
Update: Buzz Event spots are full and closed!



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  1. I loved loved loved cam and Andrews story, I think it’s one of my all time fav good reads the only thing is I need to know more, what happens next etc please let there be more
    Thanks kirsty xxx

  2. Hi, how are you?
    I am from Brazil and I would like to tell you I just finish reading your wonderful book – The Edge of Never. I wish it was never over..such an engaging story, well described, something you look forward to every day! I am glad the Title of your book caught my attention at the moment I was looking around the book store.
    Thank you for such gifted writing! And I am looking forward to The Edge of Always release!

    My best,

  3. Hi
    Can you please explain to me what KYYBPR means at the end of the letter to Camryn from Andrew.

    Thanks its driving me crazy.

  4. Is there part two of the edge of never. I just love that book.

  5. Hi Jessica Redmerski!

    I’ve read your book “The Edge of Never” and finished it last week and I fell loved with every moment I’ve read. Though I read it on my friends Nook, I was curious if there were any physical copies you may have selling at Barnes and Noble maybe or other retail stores. I’d love to have a physical copy of my own.

  6. Love this book! Edge of never iwonderfullly written. Will there be a sequel? I hope so, love Andrew and camryns story!

  7. Loved this story. Was one of the best books I have ever read. Definetely a new favorite

  8. I loved “The Edge of Never”. I don’t recall the last book that I’ve read where i’ ve cried that much. You should make it into a movie for sure.

  9. You must consider making “The Edge of Never” into a movie. I think it would adapt well to a film version. It’s my favorite book this year. From the reviews I’ve read, you have quite a following for this book.

  10. I loved The Edge of Never. Thank you for introducing me to The Civil Wars. They are AMAZING!! What an awesome way to give your book more meaning.

  11. That’s OK, take your time, Amy! :-)

  12. I have been so busy I haven’t had a chance to read Kindred yet, but I will be getting to it soon. I can’t believe the whole trilogy will be out next week!! That’s so awesome!! Congrats!!

  13. I am very excited for you. (And us) I have set my alarm/reminder so I can wake up and by both thee books!

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