1. Marian – Thank you for your comment. Sorry I didn’t see it until now. I’m so glad Camryn and Andrew’s story touched you. And it’s good to hear from a fellow Arkansan. :-)

    Jennifer – Thank you so much! It’s an honor to have written anyone’s ‘#1 favorite book’, that means so much to me. :-)

  2. Thank you J.A. Redmerski for writing such a wonderful and original novel. The Edge of Never is officially my #1 favorite book and will stay there forever. This book was funny, had me cry, had me wanting to pack my bag and live life. I loved Andrew (he is no doubt my dream guy-had it all) and I loved Camryn (best female fictional character). I absolutely loved this book. Thank you again!

  3. I am loving “The Edge of Never”
    You have described my husband and me so much so
    I would think you had been spying on us. He is gone now
    after 23 years of marriage & one daughter. Everything about them is us. I want you to know you have helped fill a void in my life because I miss him so everyday.
    I am also an Arkansan & live near Little Rock in Benton.
    We lived in Little rock when he was alive. I would love to meet you one day. I can not thank you enough for this book. It will be read & reread by me.

    Best wishes for further writing success & hopefully this will be made into a movie one day. I nominate Robert Pattinson as Andrew.
    Best wishes!

  4. Thank you, Amy! I’ll make sure you get picked! :-)

  5. I signed up!! Fingers crossed I get picked to be part of the tour. :)

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