10 Weird Things About Tamara Rose Blodgett


I’ve had author Tamara Rose Blodgett on my blog several times for various different features and I love that she’s so willing to dive right in to participating in just about everything. Not only is she, ummm, literally Wonder Woman, but she’s incredibly sweet and is a great writer!

LOL! Gotta dig that photo! I’d say she’s pretty close to the real thing, especially with that hair. :-D

So, here’s Tamara listing 10 Weird Things about herself:


1) I grew up in Kent, Washington. After I was married, my Navy husband squired me off to a tiny island on the Aleutian Chain– Adak, Alaska. I fell in love with the ruggedness of the area and moved back to Alaska two decades later. (They had a McDonald’s! A real bonus to me….)

2) I have a problem with Laughing At Inappropriate Times. When all others would have the expected response, I get the “crooked mouth.” This is characterized by a skewed and puckered lip scowl in a failed but valiant attempt to not embarrass oneself. I was the kid getting yelled at by my folks’ and smiling like an idiot as they became more angry and my shoulders would shake with barely contained mirth….

3) I think I might be the only woman on the planet who doesn’t care for chocolate. About one time per month I’ll try some hoping to convert. No. Luck. *shrugs* I do understand that’s hopelessly weird.

4) I used to think it was ideal to “watch the oak tree grow.” Now I live a nomadic existence by choice and prefer it. We move around quite a bit. This year we’re living in South Dakota… not really sure where I’ll land in 2013… gypsy mode, guys~

5) I’m sure this is really common and not so weird but I dig graveyards. They’re creepy-good and it was the first touristy thing I did when visiting New Orleans was check out all the cool old graveyards there. It wouldn’t be a deal breaker for me to move next door to one (I know that was the secret question on everyone’s minds).

6) As some who follow my blog might already know, I loathe gnomes. Gnomeaphobia. I haven’t been the same since one of my toddler’s watched that icky Goosebump’s episode where the gnomes run around at night. They’re like feral or something. Yuk. I never miss an opportunity to gnome bash in my Death Series. I believe I’ve fit subtle Gnome Warnings in every book. Be sharp guys, be vigilant… they’re in our neighborhoods!

7) I’m an excessive daydreamer and spend quite a bit of time thinking about weird stuff. My friend gave me a little notebook I use to jot down notes for future stories. My sons know when I hit on an “idea,” and say, “Mom, you’ve got that ‘colonizing planets’ look.” Which is code for: daydreaming with purpose. I was the student in school that got marked down for Staring at Nothing. Uh-huh.

8) I cannot remain still, when I write I’m jiggling, when I do my vlogs, talk on the phone or just exist, I’m moving (texting rocks because it requires me to be spastic). I like to be in motion and need to eat a little bit of food all day long; apparently it takes a lot of energy to be me!

9) I am at my best in chaos. I can write with loud music, interruptions, noise and general mayhem in attendance… I’m that way while reading as well. Silence is a kill-joy.

10) I’ve only had the flu about 5 times in my life (It’s been since 1998 for the last fun bout) but did have both whooping cough and Rubella when I was young.



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  1. Hey Krisper! I was really reaching… I guess I’m not as unique as I believed! haha… lol. The gnome thing- yeah! Ick. I’m still trying with the chocolate….


  2. Soooooo glad to hear there’s someone else in the world that hates gnomes! They creep the hell outta me! And now that I think about it after you mentioned it, I’m pretty sure it was that same damned Goosebumps episode that scarred me for life! >.<

    Oh… and I'm not a big chocolate fan either. So your not the only girl in the world like that! :)

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