KINDRED – More Amazon Best-Seller Updates!


I’ve really sort of just been keeping these screenshots for myself (because sometimes I actually have to look at them to make myself believe they are real), and my blog is kind of my online diary, so I can’t help but put them up! Here are a few more recent screens of KINDRED on a few different Amazon Best Sellers lists. Of course, they often go up and down and tomorrow I can drop 100 spots and the next day gain them back, but the fact they are ever there at all in these high ranking spots still blows my mind!

Most Wished For in the Gothic Romance category! Awesome. :-)


#2 in Gothic Romance – How cool is that? :-D


Now, you might think I’m nuts for doing this, but KINDRED was at #1 in the Children’s Fox & Wolf books category, right up there with Maggie Stiefvater for a day until I actually switched the category myself. Why? Well, because KINDRED also showed up as #2 in the Children’s Animal category because of this and the only other books with it were…well see for yourself! I thought it wasn’t a good idea to leave my book in that particular category because of all the children’s books and because KINDRED is recommended for 17+ for sexual content. It sucks that I lost the #1 spot in Children’s Foxes & Wolves by taking it out of the animal category, but I thought it was necessary. Note to Amazon: It’d be really nice if you could separate the YA and Mature YA completely from the word ‘children’s’. It just causes a lot of controversy for YA and New Adult authors who don’t have that in-between place to categorize their books.

So that’s my update! To see the other awesome best-seller screenshots for KINDRED and even THE MAYFAIR MOON, see my previous post here.

Oh! Did I mention that I now have an agent at Trident Media and a few other things have been ‘sort of’ happening for me behind the scenes? No? Well, yes, it’s true! :-) Of course, ‘sort of’ are my safe words, LOL.

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  1. An agent HOW COOL IS THAT….. if you could please kerp us updated on how that is going :))))))) good luck and wow number 1 and I agree with the ya and the children sections.

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