Have you not read THE MAYFAIR MOON yet because you have a Nook and you can’t buy a copy? Do you have a Goodreads account? If the answer is ‘yes’ to both questions, then I’ll give you a FREE Nook copy of THE MAYFAIR MOON today only 4/30. All you need to do is contact me THROUGH GOODREADS by private message, include your email address where I can send the copy and I’ll send you one! The only thing I ask is that after you’ve read it (and of course, there are no time-frames – read it whenever you want to) that you post at least a rating on Goodreads. A review isn’t necessary, but if you’d like also to include your thoughts on the book, then that’s great. :-)

Today is your chance, Nook owners, so be kind and spread the word! Tweet. Post. Whatever! But remember, YOU MUST HAVE A GOODREADS ACCOUNT AND ONLY CONTACT ME THROUGH THERE! Click HERE to go to my Goodreads author page.


Thanks and enjoy!


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