Burning Leaves, Halloween & Dog Blood


My favorite season approaches and that means cooler weather, the smell of burning leaves, feelings of primal and paranormal company all around us, especially at night (even long before Halloween) and of course Halloween. I love fall and notice how truly happy and inspired and creative I am during that time of year. I was in Hasting’s yesterday and saw probably the coolest book display ever:

(Click images for full view.)

Awesome. I couldn’t resist a photo. THE WALKING DEAD, WORLD WAR Z, among other great and delicious zombie literature and even David Moody’s HATER and DOG BLOOD books.

So anyway, not a lot going on lately. Still agent-hunting and in the meantime editing so much that I can’t see straight. This is what I get for having more than one novel project at a time. Hey, I figure having two books on submission possibly doubles my chances of finding some sort of representation.

So far, I’m still delusional. :-)

I’ve uploaded the newest edit (and hopefully the last one before actual publication) of DIRTY EDEN chapter one and would love and appreciate any opinions or critiques, complaints or compliments.

Well, I’m off to Starbucks and my nieces 2nd birthday party. Here she is, mean face and all. Heh.

Lastly, I’ve changed my Bio page a lot, if you’re interested.

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