To Kindle or Not to Kindle


To Kindle, or not to Kindle? I admit, I was 100% against the thing when I first heard about it (like I was against a cell phone 6 years ago and now can’t live without one), but I simply must have one. Not just any Kindle, but the Kindle DX that’s about $500 bucks. And I intend to get it. I used to worry that any digital reading device would eventually make real, hold-in-your-hand-and-inhale-the-pages books vanish completely. No physical books would mean no intimate nights at the bookstore with my favorite caffeine drink and surrounded by the next best thing to rain. These thoughts not only made my blood boil, but quite frankly, scared the shit out of me.

Not anymore.

I see so many personal advantages to having a digital reading device, especially one with as many features as the DX, for instance. I won’t go into all the advantages, they would be different for everyone. The point is, I am completely sold on this thing. Nothing can ever replace the feel, the scent or the comfort of a real book and I think that if all physical books were sold from here on out with digital downloads, that would be…perfect.

I’ve noticed they’re already doing that with some DVD’s. I bought Journey to the Center of the Earth (the new one with Brendan Fraser) and it included a code to download the digital version of it. I like that, having a digital backup.

So yeah, aside from my November Chicago trip, I’ll be investing in a Kindle!

A side-note: The movie Dagon and H.P. Lovecraft just entered my mind for no apparent reason. Now I want to watch it.

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