Biking or Photographing?


We were going to ride bikes yesterday when the weather was great and 77 degrees, but today was unfortunately the day we ended up with. It was windy as hell, which made it too cold. My eyes were watery by the time I got half-way down the bike trail. Not to mention, the wind nearly knocked us off our bikes. So, we (my oldest son and I) stopped often and took more photos than we did actual riding.



Does that photo make me a tree hugger? Hmmm.


There’s Devan, my oldest son, doing whatever. This is crazy facial expression photo #1. We were under the river bridge and would have went further, but we realized there was a homeless man under it too, crushing cans. So we left.




Now this is crazy facial expression photo #2. I think he probably thought that face was ‘cool’ until I got it home and we looked at it full size, hahaha! He really didn’t want me to put this one up, but, well you know…… :-P


Okay, now I thought, “Oooh! Look at that big effin’ tree! Let’s climb on it and take a picture!” Well, it was easy getting up there, but on my way down I had to sort of jump and I fell, got grass stains on my new jeans and hurt my hand pretty bad. Of course, Devan had to show me how easy it was to jump down and not get hurt because that’s what 14-year-old’s do to their much older, practically crippled parents.


That’s all for today. I think I need an ice pack.

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