Sticky Post I: Latest News


Note: Because I don’t really have a separate home page, this post will remain ‘sticky’ (at the top) to highlight recent news that may be up for weeks or more at a time. All of my most recent blogs are below this one.

Dirty Eden is done!  The book is now going through the editing process (well, the first edit by Brian aka Skorpius aka the Professor aka Boss with a Crowbar – one day I’ll decide which name I want to use permanently), who should probably look into editing as a career, because he’s that knowledgeable! The first chapter is available for download on ‘The Work’ page.


I’m also in the process of scoping out which publishers (and/or agents) I will submit to first. I am not at all looking forward to this. I know enough about the publishing industry to know that it feels impossible to get published because it’s not really that far from being impossible.

We’ll see, and I’ll update every step of my gory adventure for your reading amusement. ;-)


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  1. So close… close.

  2. I wish that asshole would get it done already……er, wait a second!

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