Type O & Anne Rice


I was looking through some old discs over the weekend for the cover graphics I recently put up and I ran across two photos I used to have in my MySpace album. Just some memorabilia when I met Anne Rice and Type O Negative in 96′ and 97′.


I believe it was September 1996 and Anne Rice was promoting her newest book, Servant of the Bones. I had only heard about Mrs. Rice coming to the local Books-A-Million by chance on the radio one morning. My friend Rosie and I had to go of course. She was a huge Anne Rice fan and it was she who turned me into one as well. The line was out the door, down the side of the building, past three stop lights until you make it to the trailer and RV park, up the hill by the grocery store–you get the idea. I remember it was hot out (yes, even the fall is usually hot in Arkansas) and I was wearing a black shirt, which made it worse. Anyway, it was well worth the wait. Anne and her sister (that’s what I was told, but I don’t know if that’s true) were in costume, as you can see in the photo, and the atmosphere was very gothic. I mean if you arrive with a hearse as part of your entourage, I say it’s gothic. They were so nice and it was a great experience.  The photos are of me in front of the hearse and the tour bus, of me getting my Interview with the Vampire book signed and of the autograph.

Don’t ask what’s wrong with my hair because I couldn’t tell you.


Type O Negative. A small place called Juanita’s. A best friend with a fake ID. And a ginormous lead singer named Peter Steele. It was a great night! After Type O literally rocked the place, we got to meet them outside by the tour bus. Peter Steele was intimidating. You can tell by the almost petrified look on my face in the photo with him. But they were all awesome and talked to us in length about random stuff and Sweet Sweet Connie, LOL.

Hmmm, I wonder if they ever found her….

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